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Dead on Arrival
Manufacturer's DOA period: 30 Days
Contact: Sennheiser
Tel. No.: 0333 240 8185
Fax No.:
Comments: Please contact Sennheiser direct if the failure is within 30 days of purchase from Midwich. Sennheiser offer a collect and replacement service.

Please contact Sennheiser UK () with the
following information:

Name of the product
Midwich Sales order number ( This starts with a S and contains 7 numbers) Date of purchase from Midwich

Sennheiser sales will issue a replacement product and ship direct to the

Sennheiser will also collect the unit from the customer/site

In Warranty Support
Warranty Period 24 Months
Contact: Sennheiser
Tel. No. 0333 240 8185
Fax No.
Manufacturers Website
Comments Sennheiser offer a repair service.

If the failure is after the 30 day period all warranty repairs are directed to Sennheiser's online repair system.


Please follow the repair steps on the website for an RMA to be produced.
If you have require any help or advise please contact either Sennheiser on 03333 240 8185 or Midwich 01379 649333 who will be able to assist.