Video Conferencing

There was a time when video conferencing was not only expensive, but only used by large corporate businesses where you had locate a video conferencing room. Now video conferencing is an integral part of today’s professional communications locally or internationally. Any business can save significantly on the expense and wasted time involved in travelling to face-to-face meetings – not to mention make an important contribution to the health of the environment – with surprisingly cost-effective video conferencing systems scalable to meet any end user’s needs.

Even better, the latest video conferencing systems support industry standards and everyday software from the likes of Microsoft, meaning a much greater degree of compatibility/inter-operability than was previously the case – and more opportunities to save.

Recent years have seen the rise of the so-called “huddle room”. These are small, often informal spaces for ad hoc meetings – at which the participants often want to share information, either with each other or with colleagues in another office. A new generation of video and audio meeting room technology has become available that makes this simple and inexpensive, focusing on the easy sharing of laptop or tablet screens on a single display - enabling unprecedented collaboration.