LED & Ultra LFD

At PSCo a division, of Midwich, we can provide dedicated LED and Image processing specialists that can support projects from concept to deployment. They have built strong relationships with leading manufacturers including Absen, Samsung, LG, NEC, Sony, Datapath, tvONE, Barco, Brompton and NovaStar. As well as advising on fixed size LED, our team of experts can create custom solutions and advise you on the benefits of LED and high end image processing to create the best display canvas.

The hype around sub 1mm, micro pixel pitch LED isn’t going anywhere, as the feature set truly delivers in such a wide variety of applications without compromise; seamless, high brightness, scalable to any shape or size and versatile in set-up.

We stock a variety of LED products with a broad selection of features, making it suitable for numerous verticals including retail, corporate, education, command & control, and rental.

See the latest big screen applications in action including the ability of testing bespoke content or even camera tracking for immersive solutions on request at the Experience Centre, Innovastion House, Bracknell.

Arrange your exclusive appointment today by emailing enquires@psco.co.uk or find out more about our LED displays at www.psco.co.uk

We also know it can be difficult understanding what products to choose. That’s why Midwich group have dedicated team members on hand with a wealth of technical expertise, ensuring you have the right product(s) for the right technologies. Please email on  videoprocessing@midwich.com  or  led@midwich.com