Warranty Information

Samsung SMART Signage

Dead on Arrival
Manufacturer's DOA period: 28 DAYS
Contact: Samsung
Tel. No.: 0330 726 2677
Fax No.:
Comments: If your display develops a fault within the first 28 days, please contact the Samsung Corporate Call centre for help diagnosing the issue. If a hardware fault is confirmed, you will be supplied with a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number that will be needed by your supplier to discuss a new replacement.
Should you be willing to receive a refurbished unit, ‘In Life’ service process can be implemented and we will make sure your call is handled to ensure a unit is with you on the next business day.
If you discover a fault after the 28 day DOA period, please report all hardware issues to our Corporate Call Centre using the below contact details.

We ask that you also have the following information available so that we can provide a quick response to your query or request for support.
i. Customers name
ii. Customer address including postal code
iii. Customer telephone number
iv. Product model code
v. Product serial number
vi. Date of purchase
vii. Fault description

Soft call screening will be provided to determine whether a solution can be provided over the phone, or whether a replacement display is required.
If a replacement is needed, an accredited Samsung Service Provider will be in touch to arrange the details of the delivery and collection to suit you on the next business day.
In Warranty Support
Warranty Period 36 Months
Contact: Samsung
Tel. No. 0330 726 2677
Fax No.
Manufacturers Website
Comments Your Samsung SMART Signage Display is warranted for a period of 3 (three) years from date of purchase.
If your product develops a fault that cannot be resolved remotely over the phone, we will dispatch a new or refurbished unit to you as part of the exchange programme.
Please note that the next business day replacement applies to all SMART Signage displays from 32” – 95” and also set back boxes purchase on or after 1st January 2016. All displays purchased prior to this date will be handled as a traditional in-house repair with a next day response and 5 day commitment to repair.
Validation for next business day exchange will be based on invoice details from / to customer from / to reseller / distributor. In the absence of any purchase details, the serial number will be used to determine warranty period and eligibility for next business day exchange.

The following services are not included in your warranty:
? Periodic check ups
? Repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear
? Repair of any faults associated with use of the product continuously over and above its stated recommended hourly usage
? Repair of any faults as a result of failure to follow the recommendations contained within the product User Manual and Samsung Thermal Installation guide (pertaining to correct ventilation and airflow around the product)
? Dismounting / removal of the unit and re-installation following repair, including any equipment required for the removal / decommissioning of the product
? Repair of any faults as a result of misuse of the product, or any failure that may result from improper use or incorrect installation
? Repair of brightness loss due to age and no reported defect
? Repair of any liquid damage or foreign material ingress into the functioning parts of the product
? Repair of any faults associated with any case of damage that is beyond Samsung control – lightening, public disturbances, vandalism, impact damage, fire, hazardous substance
? For any issues that affect more than 3% of the total number of product, the next business day replacement will not be applicable. These issues should be escalated as per the above procedure.