Electronic Integration

Electronic Integration

We, at Midwich, are determined to provide you with the information you need to carry out business with us which is accurate and timely.

We aim to enable you find out stock and price information easily, pass this on to your customers with the appropriate uplift as a quote and then to convert their response into an order on our system in one smooth process. All this with the minimum of operator intervention.

Should you wish to place orders electronically we can provide information to allow you to do that easily.

We can provide regular reports of orders placed, items ordered, back order status and progress through the delivery process will enable you to manage the business you carry out with us efficiently.

Developer's Corner

This developer's corner contains all the information you need to add products and Midwich services to your web site, there is also information on the various methods of electronic ordering we can support.

Implementing EDI trading and setting up a web site is not simple and you may need to obtain skilled assistance from your web developer. We do have alot of free code to integrate our data and images and place and track order here along with documentation to help you find out about our services and how they can be used.

XML Service (Electronic Ordering)

Electronic Data Provision

Apply for a Data Feed 

How To get Images and PDFs.