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To help your business succeed, we have assembled a comprehensive portfolio of the credit services designed to reduce your risk exposure and maximise your profitability.

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Often financing larger deals is not easy. It can put pressure on your cash flow, margins and your existing credit limits. We have a range of finance solutions available to help ease the pressure, which include:

end user billing
leasing solutions
other finance solutions

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FREE Expert Financial Advice

The channel is notorious for its credit and cash flow challenges. Fortunately, our expert, in-house credit team can deliver the advice and services you need to survive in the highly competitive IT and AV marketplaces.

In an effort to provide you with advice and help you avoid the potential financial hazards of the channel, our two most senior credit professionals can offer FREE expert advice on credit and fraud prevention.

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FREE Credit Intelligence

Screening your potential customer allows you to accurately identify those that are more likely to default on payment. By examining the financial and commercial risk you will be able to reduce your incidents of bad debts - ultimately improving the profitability of your business.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you won't see another bad debt, but we can hopefully give you better information with which to make a decision.

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