TDSi 5002-1932 Bundle

Mfr. Part #: 5002-1932 Our Part #: TDSI50021932
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Included in This Bundle -

TDSI44202110 - EXgarde Express 10,000 Cards FOCSoftware.

EXgarde® PRO is a fully featured Access Management PC software application that combines the latest in TDSi innovation in a single package with a user friendly interface. It can be used to control 1 door at 1 site with a few users to thousands of doors at multiple sites with thousands of users.

EXgarde® PRO can be used to seamlessly integrate the many aspects of a security and building management system using a single database and a single user interface. All EXgarde® application modules can be set up, administered and managed from a single or multiple workstations.

Ease of integration and ease of expansion are key attributes of EXgarde® PRO providing numerous possibilities to integrate to the latest CCTV, Fire, Intrusion, Building Automation and Management, Active Directory and Biometric technologies.

TDSI50021807 - TDSi 5002-1807 MICROgarde II 2 Door Control Panel with Power Supply Unit and TCP/IP

Delivering cost-effective networkable performance, MICROgarde® II IP is a robust and reliable two-door access control unit.

Capable of accommodating up to 400 doors, the unit may be connected directly to any Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). MICROgarde® II delivers a highly effective solution with central control and event reporting and may be used either independently or as part of a network.

TDSI50020354 - TDSi 5002-0354 EXprox Mullion Reader

These high quality access control card readers provide robust, reliable performance through contactless technology for a wide range of applications.

With a read range up to 90mm, these fully featured readers are available in a number of options for maximum design flexibility.

TDSI42620245 - TDSi 4262-0245 White Proximity Card Printed with TDSi Logo and ID Number

  Product Description

TDSi 2921-0251

TDSi 2921-0251 Surface Mount Green Resettable Break Glass Unit

Mfr. Part #: 2921-0251   Our Part #: TDSI29210251


TDSi 2921-0261

TDSi 2921-0261 Surface Mount Stainless Steel Request to Exit Button

Mfr. Part #: 2921-0261   Our Part #: TDSI29210261


TDSi 2921-0202

TDSi 2921-0202 Standard Single Door Magnet (1200 lb)

Mfr. Part #: 2921-0202   Our Part #: TDSI29210202


TDSi 2921-0222

L&Z bracket for standard door magnets for inward opening doors

Mfr. Part #: 2921-0222   Our Part #: TDSI29210222


TDSi 2921-0233

TDSi 2921-0233 Fail Secure Strike 12 V AC/DC

Mfr. Part #: 2921-0233   Our Part #: TDSI29210233