Midwich is one of the leading UK distributors of 3D print, bringing together this revolutionary technology with committed sales support, opening up 3D print opportunities within the classroom, home or workplace.

For budding engineers, artists, sculptors and designers, 3D print technology offers students and teachers across the educational spectrum the opportunity to see their ideas and creations literally form in front of their eyes. Potential 3D print costs now mean that it is possible for every school in the country to have some form of 3D print equipment, fully reinforced by the government’s recommendations in the National Curriculum for technology in schools.

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Robox 3D Printer

Class leading accuracy

The CubePro Trio

Print big, made precise

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Why 3D Print

  • Produces complex products, shapes and structures that could not be physically produced in any other way.
  • Allows for rapid and simple prototyping with significant cost savings.
  • Engages students and brings their ideas and designs to reality.
  • Hard wearing materials which can be mixed.
  • Affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Allows for mass customisation and ability to personalise products.
  • Offers a new revolutionary approach to teaching, healthcare, manufacturing, business and more.


Midwich lead the way in 3D print support by offering an onsite warranty (de-install – re-install) for Cube3 and CubePro printers. This is a 48 hour on-site warranty with a 4 hour telephone response time.


With extensive experience in the 3D print market, our 3D Print specialists, Aaron Thorogood and Gary Dunstan, can help with a range of advice and support from simple questions, through to providing full product demonstrations and set up for your 3D print customers. Contact Aaron or Gary on

01379 647576