Cut Waste, Track Printing, Save Money

The Smarter Way to Print

Track and control usage and behaviour
Securely print documents
Eliminate paper waste
Alongside a wide range of print hardware, Midwich can also provide you and your customers with money-saving print software from PaperCut.
PaperCutMF is scalable to networks of all sizes, from 5 to 500,000 users, fully cross-platform, supporting all major operating systems including mixed environments and provides an easy way to automatically monitor and manage copying and printing, giving customers control over costs and environmental impact:
*Cut waste and go green
*Apply own print policies i.e. always greyscale and duplex
*BYOD fully integrate laptops notebooks and iPads/iPhone
*Secure print for release of sensitive documents
*Monitor and report on usage by user/department/device/toner levels
*Deploy simply easy to install/set up
*Administer centrally easy admin and management
*Fast return on investment achieve proven savings of 20-30%
*Scale up effortlessly can increase users as required
"As a secure follow-me print solution, PaperCut has far exceeded other providers, and we’re confident that by recommending PaperCut, we’re giving our clients the best solution. PaperCut gives our clients great visibility of print costs across their organisation, giving them long-term financial gain. We’re yet to find a client who has had a negative experience with this fantastic product."
John Jones, Solutions Manager, IPS Ltd.

Our PaperCut sales specialist Charlie Kanharn can help advise on any PaperCut opportunity you may have and also offer a

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