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Operates on the desk or in the air - In-air cursor control using natural hand motions

Up to 30m range with no line of sight restrictions

Ergonomic ambidextrous design

Wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz RF USB receiver

Low profile 104-key, full-size keyboard with soft-touch key technology

MotionTools software recognizes your gestures and uses your hand movements to control applications and activate tools for interacting with your content and energize presentations

Programmable buttons for customizable commands

USB powered mouse - simply place on cradle to charge.

The elegant and ergonomic Air Mouse Elite, brings the intuitive simplicity of motion to your digital life. Place the Air Mouse Elite on your desktop for use as a traditional mouse. Pick up the Air Mouse Elite, press the activation trigger, and enjoy amazing in-air cursor control in front of your computer or up to 30m away.

Using natural and intuitive hand movements, the Air Mouse Elite will allow you to maintain full control of your presentation as you walk around the room. The Air Mouse Elite comes with Gyration's powerful MotionTools software that enables you to deliver more compelling presentations. MotionTools recognizes your gestures and uses them to control applications and to activate tools you can use to interact with your content.Turn the mouse cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer or pen, or gently swipe it in-air to activate embedded media and other special effects.

The low profile wireless keyboard has an ultra-thin, lightweight, stylish design with unique, soft touch key technology that delivers whisper-quiet operation and can reduce typing fatigue. This 104-key, full size, general purpose keyboard operates on 2 AAA batteries and incorporates advanced 2.4GHz wireless RF technology that provides a 30m range with no line of sight restrictions. Twelve programmed hotkeys give easy access to commonly used applications.

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite is simple to use and easy to install. Just plug in the USB receiver into an available USB port, press the connect button on the USB receiver and Air Mouse Elite, and your computer will automatically detect and configure the device.

With the Air Mouse Elite, your natural hand movements drive more powerful presentation delivery, more immersive gameplay, more interactive classroom lectures and more convenient access to your digital entertainment.

Technical Details

In-air cursor control using patented SmartMotion technology and optical sensor
Innovative trigger activated in-air cursor control
Ergonomic ambidextrous design
Wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz RF USB receiver
100 feet (30m) mouse range with no line-of-sight restrictions
Hyper-sensitive scrolling with assignable 3 button control

System Requirements

Windows® XP or Windows Vista
Available USB port (second USB port recommend for charging cradle)
CD-ROM drive for installing software
Internet connection for web updates

Note: Product supports traditional desktop and in-air cursor control on Mac OS X and Linux with native operating system USB driver installed. MotionTools software is only supported in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

EAN # : 0744390948107

  Product Description

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i7 PC Module With Windows 8.1

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OPS Adapter (for 3rd party players)

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1 Year Extended Warranty 4202L / 4602L

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XJ-Axx0 and xx5 series remote controller

Mfr. Part #: YT-100   Our Part #: CASIOXJAREMOTE


Elo Touch Solutions E334168

i3 PC Module with Windows 8.1

Mfr. Part #: E334168   Our Part #: ELOE334168


Elo Touch Solutions E335147

ECM Windows & No OS Computer Modules

Mfr. Part #: E335147   Our Part #: ELOE335147


iiyama 19" E1980SD-B1 LED/TFT Monitor

19" Black LED/TFT Monitor, 1,280 x 1,024, Speakers, 1 x DVI Connection, x 1 VGA Connection

Mfr. Part #: E1980SD-B1   Our Part #: IIYE1980SDB


Panasonic PT-DS12KE Projector

12,000 Lumens, SXGA+ Resolution, DLP Technology, Install Projector - 24 Kg

Mfr. Part #: PT-DS12KE   Our Part #: PANPTDS12KE


Panasonic PT-DW740EK Projector

7000 Lumens, WXGA, DLP Installation Projector, 16.3Kg

Mfr. Part #: PT-DW740EK*J   Our Part #: PANPTDW740EK

  Product Description

Gyration GYAM5600RFBLK

RF USB dongle for Gyration Air Mouse Elite and Air Mouse Go Plus Phase 4 (model shipping with USB charging station)

Mfr. Part #: GYAM5600RF-BLK   Our Part #: GYAM5600RFBLK



AC Adapter

Mfr. Part #: GYAMACEU   Our Part #: GYRMACEU